Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting The DLP-RFID1 Reader to work 0n Windows 7 build 7000(64-bit)

Well I was just sent a private message by a friend @MS who saw that I got the DLP RFID Reader/Writer to work with Vista 64 bit with a small hack. Well, the hack is not needed any more because the makers of the device driver FTDI have updated support for 64 bit. You can find the drivers here:

From this site I found the CDM 2.04.16.exe file that contains the updated version of the drivers.

Steps to install:
1. First plug in the DLP RFID Reader into the USB port.
2. The prompt will tell you that the driver can not be installed.
3. Next run the executable which installs the lastest drivers.
4. Open the Device Mgr, find the troubled DLP device and right-click and update its driver.
5. Choose to browse computer, and then select to install the driver from a list of installed drivers.
6. Select the FTDI as the manufacturer, then select the first option.
7. Unplug the device and plug it back in, Windows 7 should recognize it.
8. Test the device with the RFIDSample.exe application that can be found on the FTDI web site.

Hope this helps.

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I can't find the .exe that contains the drivers for the DLP-RFID. Can you help?